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    4 Excersises to Help Baby Get Stronger

    Raise your hand up high, like in the sky.....Put your hands real low, and touch your toes!

    Everyone knows that a healthy body is a home to a healthy mind. The importance of exercising needs no introduction. While it is mandatory for the grownups to exercise on a regular basis, it is equally important for your baby to exercise too.

    Here are 4 exercises that you can make your baby do to strengthen its growing body:

    1. Stretching: It can be in the form of pulling its hands sideways, chest crossing, knee-arm crossing or pulling legs. It improves blood circulation and makes your baby flexible. It can be done while you oil your baby before a bath. Trust me, the baby loves it.
    2. Lifting objects: Lifting not too heavy objects makes the baby muscle stronger, improves hand-eye coordination, and increases it’s cognitive abilities. So drop your keys, light bottles and make the baby pick it.
    3. Pull-ups and tummy flats: Pull your baby up from lying on the back position to sitting one. This strengthens its back bone. However, be gentle as you pull. Also, as the baby spends most of its time lying on its back, turn it upside around on the tummy. This way the baby tries to get up, look here and there which strengthens its core stomach muscles and gives the neck a motion exercise.
    4. Side sways and bicycling: Hold the baby's legs and make it’s upper body move on either side turn by turn while it is lying on its back. This relaxes the waist muscles. Also, make your child ride an imaginary cycle by lifting it’s legs up and moving them around as if pedalling. It makes the legs stronger.

    Raise a healthy, fit baby!

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