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    Baby Genitals: Care and Cleaning

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    You’re my honey bunch, sugar plum, pumpie-umpie-umpkin, you’re my sweetie pie

    You’re my cuppy cake, gum-drop, snookum-snookum, the apple of my eye!- Lullaby, cupcake

    Hey, new mothers! Aren’t you aware of this ‘aww’dorable lullaby song? I am sure it makes you look at your new-born with all of your love and make you squeeze it closer to your heart. Those little hands, fingers, feet may melt your heart but those untimely wails, hunger pangs, poop-alerts can make you go mad. Agh! 

    New-born care; cleaning, feeding, tracking sleep patterns, changing diapers, regular doctor visits and vaccinations, are the unsaid realities of having a child and being a mom, you should have an idea about it. Childcare is important as it reduces mortality risk, develops a strong growing immunity in your baby and reduces the risk of infections and diseases.

    New mothers have this anxiety about cleaning the child’s body, especially the genitals. They are scared as to how will they bath, clean and wipe a body so tiny and pray that they don’t hurt the child unintentionally. The tip is to be gentle and patient.

    You can use the following tips to bath and clean your baby’s genitals:

    1. Use cotton balls/cotton cloth in warm water and wipe the genital area very gently. 
    2. Never use harsh soaps, deodorants, alcohol gels to clean the area. Always use mild soaps.
    3. If it is a boy, clean the penis and scrotum area with gentle outward strokes, especially around the foreskin which has high chances of hosting bacteria.
    4. If it is a girl, clean the area in a bottom to top motion to wipe away any bacteria from the vulva and urethra.
    5. Always moisturize it post cleaning and apply soft powders to absorb any residual water in the area to avoid bacteria/fungus growth
    6. Never rush through the process. It might bruise your child’s soft skin or give rashes.

    It is no rocket science, mommies. A mother can do everything for her child!

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