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    Fit Mom’s Mantra

    From feeding the baby to comforting them to fall asleep, baby care is a daunting task. The new transition to motherhood is overwhelming, but it makes you tired and sleepy all the time. Plus, the new mom's body is undergoing many changes to adapt to the baby's needs. So, all new moms need to take care of themselves and adopt healthy lifestyles to get rid of the extra pounds they put on during pregnancy. 

    Fit Mom's Mantra

    Motherhood requires flexibility and dedication for you and your child's wellness. Here we are with proven fitness mantras for all the new moms to incorporate into their everyday routine:

    Moms After Pregnancy 

    After you deliver the baby, your body requires a healthy, nutritious diet to recover from childbirth. It is best to take more protein, vitamins and minerals. Additionally, fibrous fruits help you prevent constipation. You can avoid unhealthy indulgences by drinking plenty of fluids, including water, milk, and fruit juices. Staying hydrated keeps you full and helps new mothers with milk production.

    As a new mom, you must constantly aid and breastfeed your baby. You can also take a lactation consultation and learn about nutrient and calorie intake. Losing weight while breastfeeding can reduce breast milk supply. It is not advisable to diet or drops your caloric intake during this phase. Instead, include complex nutrients in your diet that gives you more energy and keep you full, so you don't crave unhealthy foods. 

    After childbirth, a woman faces a lot of emotional turmoil when dealing with a lack of sleep, new responsibilities, and body changes. It can be emotionally exhausting. Studies have shown many women face post-pregnancy depression. You need a sound mind to cater to all the responsibilities. Consult with us for your emotional well-being.

    Moms Having Young Children (Age group 0-1 year)

    You might feel embarrassed about the weight you have put on and for not taking care of yourself. Infant moms find it challenging to take out time for workouts. You can start with basic exercises such as walking, climbing stairs, squats, lunges or simple walking. You can also join our online fitness through postnatal Yoga or exercise–a 3-month program to get you back in shape.

    Working Moms

    Working moms of infants and toddlers have a full-packed schedule, from taking care of kids to attending their office meetings, everything demands your time and attention. You might be wondering about ways to stay fit. Consult with our experts on post-pregnancy weight loss and food supplements to achieve a healthy body.

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