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    Gender Neutral Parenting

    Safaa Asif

    Its 2019:

    Friend1: What color are you going to paint the nursery room?

    Friend 2: color, hmmm maybe yellow, for the little sunshine in our life.

    Friend 1: huh? Oh! come on. why keeping the babys gender a secret? Let us also know if its pink or blue, yaar!

    Friend2: haha! Sweetheart, pink and blue ka zamana gaya!

    We don’t want to impose our color choices on our tot. Let them make their own choices.

    Friend1: oh lord! You’re also singing the same song?

    Friend 2: hey what song? Its true isn’t it? Why only pink or blue? If it’s a baby girl- why can’t she like green? And if a boy, maybe he’ll like red? Anyway, my point is let him enjoy all the colors this beautiful world has to offer. And when the color concept is introduced to him – let him select his favorite color! Haha! Okay I got to say bye now.

    Dear parents, how often have we made such presumptions? Growing up ourselves, girls were always asked to choose “girly” colors and boys-well, I’ll leave it at this. Perhaps, the time has come now that we don’t impose our color choices at least. Maybe it will go a long way in helping the child not only chose the color they like- but also perhaps ignite their passions towards their careers? The world today talks about being “GENDER NEUTRAL”. But what are doing to make it gender neutral?

    Every change begins at ground level- here it’s the home. Parents making no discrimination between the girl and boy child is a dream of every child. Perhaps now is the time. Begin with toys- we have a wide variety of toys now – perhaps next time you go toy shopping pick it according to the suitable age and also consider what interests your little one. It will go a long way.

    Allow your little girl to explore the robots and the boy to play with doll houses. Who knows, the hidden talents may flourish with this freedom to choose. Encourage both boys and girls to play and enjoy the sports time.

    Parental examples are the best thing to help develop these young minds to become the best human in this world. Remember, their watching you every time. So try to be the best that you can be! This was just me musing with some fellow parents. None of us are perfect, but we can try to be the best parent in our own way in our little world!

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