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    How to Do a Newborn Baby Massage

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    A newborn is as soft as a flower and flexible as a lump of clay. You can shape your child more potent and firmer as you want to. However, you must be more gentle, careful, and protective with your baby at this delicate stage. Here, you will get the expert’s knowledge and guidance to learn the way to massage your dwelling young one.

    Benefits of baby massage:

    ∙      Boost immunity

    ∙      Promotes good sleep

    ∙      Ensures proper metabolism

    ∙      Aid digestive problems like colic, constipation, and gas

    ∙      Improves muscular tone

    ∙      Helps in motor development

    ∙      Boost the growth process

    ∙      Soften the skin

    Way to massage

    Here are some techniques to help you massage your baby and make this time count.

    Establish the atmosphere: Set up a warm and cozy environment to massage your baby. Place a towel or soft bedding on your lap so that you can maintain soothing eye contact with your baby while massaging. Once the neck gets stabilized you can place the bedding on the floor then.

    Keep communicating: Keep your baby busy with your conversation. You may sing the rhyme or any song that will capture his attention. You can also pronounce their name to get him familiar with them.

    Start slow: Start with a gentle touch. Then begin slowly to massage each body part. You are guided to start with the head and then move to the feet massaging with soft hands. Don’t hold the baby with its belly touching the ground for longer.

    Choose the oil carefully: Oil reduces the friction between your hands and the skin of the baby. Though, be careful while selecting the oil. It should not be too messy. Also, you are advised to put a few drops of oil on a spot to detect whether it is safe or not for your baby. It should not cause any irritation or itching to the baby.


    Tips to do massage:

    ∙      Apply the oil on a small spot to test the compatibility of the oil with the skin. It must be non-irritant.

    ∙      Wait to get the baby into an active state. Don’t start the massage just after feeding the baby.

    ∙      Make soft bedding to cradle the baby’s head on your lap

    ∙      In the initial few weeks, don’t spend much time on one area, use slow and soft strokes.

    The bottom line

    It is a great way to connect with your baby. Massaging opens the doors to multiple benefits. Your baby gets stronger day by day, improves digestion, boosts immunity, etc. You must not overlook the power of giving massage to your baby. Consult with experts to know when to start exactly and how to manifest the output.

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