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    Stammering and Shuttering: How to Help out Your Child

    Safaa Asif

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    Commonly known as stammering - it is a speech disorder - where there is a break in the flow of speech - meaning there are sudden “breaks” that disrupt the natural flow of speech. This may be seen/ reported as:

    • The child gets stuck - and there is visible tension in the facial region
    • The child repeats some sounds repeatedly - till he/she gets out of it - they may also make it long
    • The difficulties can be reported in specific sounds or words.

    Stuttering in reality: It is a normal aspect seen when little children are learning to speak. This is because they are still learning to process their thoughts and speak it out loud- so there maybe some instances when parents will feel the child is getting “stuck” or “repeating”. This is called as NORMAL NON-FLUENCY. However, when this same behavior persists beyond the young developmental stage- and poses to be severely inhibit their communication abilities - then it is referred to as stuttering.

    When parents observe this behavior: It is important to note that they must not harshly condemn or make them aware in a very negative manner - as it will have serious negative impacts on the child’s psychology. Instead they must ask the child to gently and slowly speak what they want to say. And help them repeat it slowly. Do not condone them if they make the mistake - instead demonstrate to them in a friendly manner how to make the sound correctly.

    The main professional to be contacted is the speech therapist: They will counsel you and assess the child and provide the exact summary of the fluency difficulty the child is facing. Additionally, therapy is provided in a fun and interactive manner to help the child overcome the difficulties in fluency - and return to a fluent speech.

     It is very important to keep a positive mindset whilst dealing with stuttering - as for some children it may be highly negative and they may go into a shell - and avoid any sort of social interaction due to the fear of being made fun of or unable to speak in the fluent manner.

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