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    Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy and a Healthy Little Bundle of Joy

    Sonali Shivlani

    Congratulations! You are going to be a mother! With pregnancy comes a great responsibility – the responsibility of taking care of yourself and your child. 

    At this stage of your life, your body requires so many essential nutrients, as it is going through so much strain. Nutrition plays a huge role in being healthy during this period and also for providing nourishment to the child. With so much advice coming from everywhere, it is difficult to decide what is right for you as a pregnancy food.

    Don’t worry! This article is going to be your guide to a healthy pregnancy and to know food during pregnancy.

    Iron: Lack of iron makes people feel weak and dull,and leads to anaemia. At the time of delivery, it is normal to have blood loss. To avoid being anaemic, adequate intake of iron is important. After all, don’t we all want to be as strong as Iron (Wo)Man? 

    Sources: eggs, fish, green leafy vegetables, beans etc.

    Calcium: Calcium is essential for development of strong bones and teeth. Lack of calcium results in absorption of calcium from bones by the body and leads to weak bones.

    Also, you’ll need strong teeth to chomp down on the yummy food you crave!

    Sources: milk, cheese, paneer, curd, almonds, green vegetables, broccoli etc.

    Vitamin D: It helps to control the amount of calcium in the body and hence is important for teeth and bone development in addition to calcium.

    Sources: egg yolk, fish, mushrooms, sunlight (the sun, literally)

    Folate: It is a type of vitamin B which is necessary for overall growth and development. During pregnancy the body requirements for this nutrient increase, so enough folate consumption is crucial.

    Sources: eggs, leafy vegetables, legumes, nuts and seeds, broccoli etc.

    Vitamin C: It is essential for collagen formation, which is required for blood vessel development, you C?

    Sources: orange, kiwi, broccoli, guava, lemon, lychee etc.

    Fibre and fluids: Intake of these two reduces constipation in later parts of pregnancy.

    Sources: cereals, dals, fruits and vegetables, coconut water, fresh juices

    Protein: During pregnancy, it helps in formation of amniotic fluid.

    Sources: eggs, dairy products, dal, fish, chicken etc.

    Water: It makes you hydrated and can help soothe the pain related to pregnancy, along with morning sickness and heart burn.

    Sources: ummmm…. Water?

    It is also better to take a consultation from a prenatal diet expert for your pregnancy healthy diet, who will recommend you the food according to your body requirements.

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