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    Is Yoga Safe During Pregnancy?

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    Pregnancy is an exciting as well as confusing time in a woman's life. Especially, if it is the first pregnancy. You do everything to make sure you remain safe and healthy. Everything that you eat, and you do have a different meaning during pregnancy. It is very important to make every move carefully so as not to affect the new life growing in you. During pregnancy, a women's body goes through many changes and it creates stress mentally and physically. So, to balance the body, mind, and soul, it is suggested to do prenatal yoga under the supervision yoga expert.

    Yoga for pregnant women is highly beneficial as yoga before pregnancy focuses on poses in order to increase strength and flexibility. Yoga is a beneficial technique, which helps pregnant women to breathe and relax. Yoga helps you adjust to the physical changes that happen in the body during pregnancy, labor, birth, and motherhood. Yoga is no exception to remain physically active during pregnancy.

    Here are some recommended guidelines:

    1. Poses in the first trimester: Don't do any yoga poses (Asanas) on your back after your first trimester – this can reduce blood flow to the uterus. It is always suggested to consult a yoga expert for a better understanding
    2. Focus on building strength and stability: The body during pregnancy expands which ensures to make room for the baby. During pregnancy, it’s effortless to pull a muscle or exaggerate a stretch so it is better to focus on building strength and stability rather than just flexibility as a whole.
    3. Jumps and jerky movements: You should choose the yoga poses, which avoid jumps and jerky movements as these can disturb the implantation.
    4. Avoid twisting poses: If you do regular yoga and have been doing twists, you may be able to continue it during your first trimester. But it is suggested not to do twist poses and choose other yoga poses which are safe during pregnancy.

    For a healthy pregnancy, you can follow these guidelines. Apart from that, before doing any of the yoga poses, ensure to consult your doctor to avoid any complications.

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