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    4 Powerful Mantras to Help You Manage Pregnancy and Postpartum Depression

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    Pregnancy is a stage combined with mixed emotions. Sometimes you feel grateful to give rise to a pure soul. But sometimes you may feel vulnerable to carrying so many responsibilities solely to nurture the baby dwelling in or outside your womb.

    The pregnancy events and emotions may upset you with or without considering the cause. So, we came up here with the solution that will help you fight against your depression and affects the growth of your baby positively. You are getting to know about four powerful mantras to blow your head with more positive, calm, composed, and spiritual vibrations.

    Gayatri mantra:

    “Om bhur bhuva savah

    Tat savitur varanyam

    Bhargo devasya dheemahii

    Dhiyo yonah parchodayat”

    Reciting this mantra will help you to welcome physical, mental, and spiritual peace. Like the sun, the power of this mantra enlightens your life with positive vibrations and sends you and your baby spiritual and intellectual energies.

    Ramcharitmanas Chaupai:

    “Mangal bhavana amangal hari

    Dhravahu sudasaratha ajira Bihari

    Deen dayal virad samabhari

    Harahu naath mama sankata bhari”

    This mantra vanished away all the negative and evil vibrations surrounding you and your baby. In this mantra, you are requesting Lord Ram to destroy all the obstacles and complications falling in the way of your motherhood.

    Goddess Durga mantra:

    “Sarvey mangala mangalaya

    Shive sarvartha saadhikey

    Sharnaye trambake gauri

    Narayaani namo-stutey”

    Through this mantra, you evoke Goddess Gauri, a form of Goddess Durga, to hand over the responsibility to protect your child from all bad vibrations. This will reduce your stress and guide you through all the barriers between you and your baby. You enrich your soul with positivity, spirituality, and anti-stressing powers.

    Shiv mantra:

    “Om Namah Shivaya”

    Reciting this mantra multiple times evokes a sense of goodness, peace, and well-being. You may focus on the causes that might cause the psychological disturbances in your life. It is a great way to boost your concentration on your baby and his care.

    The bottom line

    Don’t overlook the power of reciting mantras to vanish all your anger, frustration, sadness, anxiety, and so on. Just revisit the moment when you and your partner have decided to nurture the combination of your souls. It’s a very beautiful feeling to experience with joy and happiness. Practice these mantras and say goodbye to your depression.


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