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    Benefits of Chanting Mantras During Pregnancy Under Garbh Sanskar

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    Pregnancy is the most important and precious time for every woman, filled with inevitable joy, happiness, hope, and expectations. Taking stress will directly affect your neurological system and might create hormonal dis-balance. That is why, it is advisable for a pregnant woman to be happy, relaxed and calm. Under Garbh Sanskar, reciting mantras can do a wonderful job. It supplies consonance to the little life growing inside the womb.

    According to Ayurveda, Garbh Sanskar means imparting values to the unborn life in the womb. A fetus is overly sensitive to external stimuli and tries to grasp the vibrations both positive and negative so efficiently. A stress-free, spiritually sound active mother gave birth to a confident, positive, healthy, and brilliant baby. All these qualities can be engraved into a child during pregnancy through chanting mantras.

    The Rudra mantra, Gayatri mantra. and Om shanti mantra are impacting to shape your personality towards a calm, positive and relaxed human. Let us put the limelight on the benefits of chanting mantras:

    Improve mothers’ health 

    Chanting mantra during pregnancy affects the digestive system, circulatory system, neurological system, and other systems positively. The body functions well and the food a mother ingested with positive vibrations will affect both the lives with maximum energy absorption. Mantras help a mother to spare time from the chaos of life in which she can connect to her child peacefully. This will also cut off the negativity and improves the psychological condition of a mother.

    Fetus growth 

    The positivity of mantras reduces the pressure on fetus’ nervous system ensuring proper neuron signal transmission. Your child can extract essential nutrients, hormones, and electrolytes through placenta without any impairment.

    Produce happy hormones 

    Chanting mantras activate the glands to secrete happy hormones like serotonin, endorphin, etc. in mother’s body to relieve psychological disturbances. Having a great connection with mother through umbilical cord the fetus mimics the mother and imbibes these happy hormones to stay happy.

    Establish a connection between mother and child

    Mantras strengthen your soul and prove a warm and close connection between you and your child before and after entering the real world. The melodious sound echoed during mantras affects the development of vital nervous system and strengthens the hearing capability as well. The baby can recognize his mother's voice during 20th week of development as by this period sense organs of child start functioning.

    Provide etiquette to the child 

    The meaning of mantras and shlokas impart good thought and etiquette in baby, and he/she turned out to be a disciplined, calm, and spiritual soul. Positivity of vibrations empowers the brain cells to store positive thoughts they perceive after hearing chanting and data they carry will last up to four months after delivery.

    Reduce chances of premature birth

    Holy chanting directly affects proper physical and psychological growth of your child and reduces the chance of premature birth. Also, it improves heart rate by supplying proper blood and oxygen supply to different body parts. This ensures the growth of fetus into a full-term mature baby without any systemic complications.

    Mothers are second creator after God. They have the ability to reframe persona of their child. Relax and stress-free mind welcomes positive powers in the surrounding. These positive vibrations assist you to deliver healthy, bright, composed and cheerful baby. Don't overlook the power of reciting mantras and begin rehearsing to have a cheerful pregnancy.


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