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    Reasons for Multiple Misscarriages

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    Loss of a pregnancy can be heartbreaking. Unfortunately, miscarriages are very common in the early pregnancy. It is obvious to analyze the recent activity that you did which could be potential cause of miscarriage. Stress, intense workout or even that extra cup of coffee which you had. Honestly, miscarriages usually cannot be prevented and there are certain factors such as smoking, age, drinking and a history of miscarriage, which put a woman at a higher risk for losing a pregnancy. Miscarriages tend us to wonder what could have caused it and it can be an extremely traumatic and devastating experience.

    Stopping a miscarriage is not in your hand, but there are certain things that you could do to prevent it. And, the first step that you should take is to know the causes behind it. So, we have enlisted the causes of miscarriages, which will help you understand it better.

    1. Abnormal Chromosomes: Most of the miscarriages happen in the first 13 weeks of pregnancy because there is a problem with the baby's chromosomes. A baby cannot grow with the wrong number of chromosomes. But, there is no way that you can prevent chromosome problems from happening. You can read the miscarriage symptoms and check consult your doctor on time.
    2. Uterine and cervical structure: If you had a recent miscarriage, you can examine your uterus and cervix for structural abnormalities. This will help you in preventing the pregnancy in future. In an irregularly-shaped uterus, embryo implantation cannot be happen properly, leading to miscarriage. So, it is important to know and cure it on time.
    3. Thyroid disorders and Diabetes: Thyroid is the common problem and one of the most important reasons for miscarriage. If a woman's thyroid is low or high, it can affect the growth of the baby. Similarly, with the diabetes, if a woman has diabetes in the first trimester can lead to increased miscarriage rates.

    Now that you know some of the common causes, you can talk to your doctor about how you can avoid them. You can take genetic counseling to avoid such situation in the future.

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