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    Safe Exercise to Be Done for Easier Delivery

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    Exercise during pregnancy has many benefits for the mother. It helps in making her feel energetic, improves blood circulation, prepares her body for labour, helps her sleep better, and postpartum recovery is also faster. But did you know that exercise during pregnancy also benefits the baby? When you exercise your baby exercises as well. This means a healthier baby, higher metabolism and a good birth weight. Research has shown that mothers who engage in moderate exercise during pregnancy give birth to babies with birth weight in the normal range.

    Exercises not to be done, if you are going through:

    ·   A headache

    ·   Muscle ache

    ·   Abdominal pain

    ·   Chest pain

    ·   Bleeding

    ·   No fetal movement

    ·   Swelling in arms/legs

    My personal tip:

    • Labor is not a constant pain. You get breaks. You get that immense pain for 10 seconds every few minutes when your pelvic muscles get dilated by the baby’s movements.
    • During those 10 seconds just BREATHE. Inhale with nose and exhale with mouth. Do not panic or scream and worsen things. Be patient, strong & go with a prepared mind that it is temporary and will pass soon.
    • This will help ease labor and finish the delivery faster.
    • I had traveled a lot while I was pregnant, so I concentrated most on my back and lower back exercises. I have a sports background and it wasn’t difficult for me to exercise & remain active until the last day, but as said all bodies are different & if you are not from a sports background, understand your body first and limit your exercise accordingly.
    • Do not over stress.
    • I had a completely happy & normal pregnancy with no signs of nausea at all. Thank God! But I have seen the worst cases too. Understand & keep calm. Things will happen as they have to.
    • This article is written based on my personal experience and I am not an expert. Always consult an expert or your doctor before confirming on an exercise pattern.

    They say “God only gives as much pain to a human as much as they have the capacity to tolerate it.” We need to do our best, God will do the rest.


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