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    A Bump in Life – Unplanned Pregnancy

    For a couple who has been eagerly waiting to conceive the news of pregnancy will be a huge moment of joy for them. But if the couple is not planning a pregnancy, the reaction to the news of pregnancy will be quite different.

    To deal with an unplanned pregnancy require a lot of emotional strength and support from the family members. An unplanned pregnancy can be the result of failure of contraceptive.

    There is emotional and physical breakdown for the couple who must deal with unplanned pregnancy. Mostly women are affected, and the effects are long term which interferes with the maternal health.

    As the news of unplanned pregnancy is a surprise for most of the women and it can lead to serious complications like depression. The decision of carrying the pregnancy further depends upon the will and ability of the parents. Care givers and counselors play a major role in providing education support and practical assistance in a non judgement manner.

    Here are a few pointers if you find yourself in a similar situation:

    • SEEK HELP FROM A COUNSELOR: If you are in a confusion and not able to decide seek help from a counsellor.
    • PLAN A VISIT TO GYNEACOLOGIST: Visit a gynecologist for the antenatal care.
    • HYDRATE AND TAKE CARE OF YOUR PHYSICAL AND MENTAL WELL BEING: It is very important to stay physically and mentally fit.
    • TALK TO YOUR PARTNER: Talk to your partner about your decision and share your insecurities with him. 
    • STOP TAKING ALCOHOL, DRUGS and SMOKING: As it can lead to complications.

    An unplanned pregnancy is a surprise for the couple, and it gives you a chance to try. Although most of the time it is emotionally challenging experience, but it can help you to form a strong relationship with your spouse.

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