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    Effective Ways to Fight Fatigue During Pregnancy.

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    Don’t you feel like spending your majority time in bed during pregnancy? Or wishing you could be? Feeling tired all the time and wishing to sink in the bed forever! Well that’s tempting, but on the other side you might be thinking why do you feel so tired all the time during pregnancy?

    Well, first of all its completely normal. Pregnancy fatigue is one of the most common symptoms particularly during the first trimester when your hormones levels soar.

    What’s the reason of being tired you ask? 

    The main reason why you feel tired all the time is your ‘progesterone’.

    Your body is working extra hard because it’s preparing the placenta and growing your little one! Exhaustion can be normal, it might fade away in your second trimesters, but it will return later at the end of your third trimesters, as your growing baby puts even more demand on your body. 

    Fatigue is also a sign, that mommy you should relax a bit, and take some rest for you and your baby’s sake. It can get irritating sometimes, but don’t worry! Here are some ways which can boost up your energy. 

    Effective ways to fight fatigue during pregnancy:

    1. Get plenty of sleep. Getting atleast 8 to 9 hours of sleep at night can make you feel better during the day! If you’re finding it hard to get some sleep particularly because of your sleeping schedule, try going to bed earlier than your normal routine, switch off your phone or tablet atleast an hour before and meditate. Or you can listen to soothing songs or read a book. 
    2. Exercise regularlyWorking out daily can boost up your energy, even if you’re feeling tired. Go for a brisk walk or you can even go for swimming! Lay down the Yoga mat and indulge in some Yoga, this will not only fight fatigue but also boost up your mood.
    3. Eat energy food. Sugary or fried food can be drain your energy, and we don’t want that right mommy? You can fuel up with plenty of fruits and vegetables as well as foods that are high in protein and complex carbohydrates as that will help to keep your energy up like berries, whole grain toast or brown rice.

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