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    Lactation Consultation

    Breastfeeding while natural and intuitive, doesn’t always go smoothly for every mother. She might have loads of queries, doubts, problems (like sore, cracked, flat or inverted nipple) or might simply need reassurance. To make sure that you feel endowed with methods, positions, and confidence before your little one arrives, our experts will provide you to feel supported if you are going through lactation challenges. The experts will help in both ways before and after your baby arrives. 

    Lactation or breastfeeding consultant are the specially trained (IBCLC/CAPPA/BPNI) professionals who basically examines all your breast-feeding issues and guide you with proper solutions. They help you to deal with:

    • Low/Unsure milk Supply
    • Helping mums manage lactation for more than one baby
    • When babies don’t latch
    • In case of sore, cracked, flat or inverted nipple
    • Handle breast engorgements
    • General Reassurance
    • How to manage breastfeeds in case the mother wants to get back to work.
    • Milk production in biological mother in case of surrogacy

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