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    Postnatal Yoga

    Feeding, burping, diaper changing, and giving naps; new mommies completely forget about themselves and devote their entire time and energy towards their little bundle of joy. This adds sometime a huge mental and physical frustration. Along with taking care of the little one, Postnatal phase also demands new mommies to recover faster. Yoga is a powerful and proven tool which helps you to heal from inside, strengthen your core muscles and make yourself feel more energetic and confident while your transformation towards a healthy motherhood.

    We at Momkidcare brings you exclusive postnatal yoga experts who understand this phase and helps you to stabilize your mind, body and soul.

    It is recommended when your gynecologists decide that you are ready to start, usually by 6th-8th week of postpartum, mamas can begin Post Natal yoga classes on a regular basis.

    It helps to

    • Rebuilds pelvic muscles and improve flexibility
    • Restores body posture and Energy level.
    • Aids recovery and relaxation.
    • Balance Hormones, Reduces post-partum depression and anxiety.
    • Increases body strength to minimize the effects of holding and feeding a baby.

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