Prenatal Physiotherapy

    Pregnant women see an overwhelming transformation in their bodies due to hormonal changes. These changes can trigger body pains, back pains, muscle cramps, urinary incontinence, and other problems. Practicing appropriate exercises under the expert guidance of physiotherapists prepares your body for the life-changing event of delivering a baby. 

    Momkidcare has come up with an entire service dedicated to Prenatal physiotherapy for expectant mothers with the help of experts. The physiotherapists will identify, study and plan an effective and personalized exercise regimen for the expecting mothers.

      Prenatal Physiotherapy is an effective way to:

      • Reduce lower back pains.
      • Alleviate leg cramps, and pain in calf muscles.
      • Promote a stress-free pregnancy.
      • Strengthen abdomen, back and pelvic floor muscles. 
      • Increase flexibility of pelvic joint.
      • Promote smooth labor and vaginal delivery.

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