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Child obesity/overweight control by diet Counselling
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The major cause of being overweight or obese children is, overeating unhealthy & junk food habits. it was surprisingly found that fatty foods which is more energy dense, tend to be less filling than a carbs-protein food, hence kids eat the same quantity, but in doing so consum...Read More
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1 Online Counselling with Diet plan
Certified Child Nutritionist/Dietician
Easy Refund Policy
1 Counselling Session with a diet Plan
Certified Dietician for Pregnancy care
Easy Refund Policy

The package is customised after a detailed consultation with you. The clinical team will try to assess the reasons for the excessive weight gain of your child. The current nutritional value of the child’s diet will be calculated and compared with the recommended nutritional requirement for your child. A customised diet plan will be given which will try to provide an energy restricted diet which is rich in essential nutrients and fibre.


Overweight and obese kids are at risk and may face below issues 

  • Bones and Joint problems
  • Shortness of breath and less physical activities
  • Restless sleep (or Sleep Apnea)
  • Increase risk of Cardiovascular disease (Cholesterol & high BP)
  • Low confidence and fear of peers to tease

• Detailed counselling session for ascertaining the cause of excessive weight gain, may suggest for BCA (Body Composition Assessment) Test.

 • Detailed nutritional counselling for achieving the optimum nutritional requirement in your child’s daily diet. 

• A nutritious diet plans and menus by experienced and verified dieticians, which provide a variety of healthy options to the child.

 • Easy to make recipes with special focus on calorie restricted diets, fluid intake, immunity boosting foods, metabolism improving drinks, high fiber foods like fruits and vegetables.

 • Special guidance to improve the family food preferences and eating habits that may influence the child’s dietary intake and food choices

 • Special session on healthy snacks and lunch box ideas. 

• Regular Follow-ups to monitor the weight and put interventions.


Mode of Service Delivery*:Online (via Chat, What’s app Video call, Telephone)

No of Sessions*: 1 Online counselling with Diet plan (Valid for 1 month)

Duration of Each Session: 30 minutes

All children above 1 yr of age except Critical ill babies and children diagnosed with specific chronic conditions (if indicated by a pediatrician for extra precautions}