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    Each woman has a different menstruation cycle. So, while making a choice about conceiving or not conceiving it becomes crucial for you to know your menstruation well. Ovulation calculator helps you to find out when you will be most fertile and if you could get pregnant on these dates, what your due date would be. Such information helps a great deal if you are a woman who believes in preparation and planning of your pregnancy. Momkidcare understands the planner in you, hence brings the most talked about online tool amongst woman, that is ovulation calculator.

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    Disclaimer: Kindly note that these evaluations are based on considering the menstrual cycles are regular. If the cycles are irregular, the ovulation calculator may not be the right tool to know the most fertile days in each cycle.

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    You probably ovulating on 26 May 2019. Your chances of getting pregnant are fairly high in the Fertile window 22 May 2019 to 27 May 2019.

    Whether you are trying to conceive or you want to delay your pregnancy, an ovulation calculator can assist you to achieve both. Ovulation calculator helps you to calculate approximate ovulation day and fertile window (the days a woman is most likely to get pregnant).

    This calculator is a convenient tool to know your cycle and helps in planning actions accordingly. The length of the cycle may vary in each woman between 28-40 days. The calculator is instrumental when the woman has a regular cycle and the fertile period can easily be calculated by entering few details: -

    1. The average length of your cycle

    2. First day of last menstruation.

    3. Based on ovulation calculator results, you will be able to know the most fertile days of your menstrual cycle.

    There are few other indicators of ovulation (viz. cervical mucus, basal body temperature, abdominal cramps, etc.) which are nonspecific and vary in each woman.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Ovulation is a process whereby a mature egg is released from the ovaries and travels down the fallopian tube where the fertilization by a sperm cell may occur. It is important to know when ovulation is likely to happen, as a woman is more suspectable to conceive during this time.

    Ovulation calculation is important for three situations: -

    1. if you are planning a pregnancy.
    2. if you want to avoid pregnancy.
    3. if you want to keep a check and track of ovulation symptoms like, light spotting, breast tenderness, cramping, abdominal bloating or upsurge in sex drive.

    Ovulation always occurs 14 days prior to the expected period. If your average menstrual cycle is 28 days, you might be ovulating around day 14. This may vary from woman to woman as for someone with a 30 day cycle, ovulation could happen on day 16. Hence, it is important to keep a check on your menstrual cycle to plan in a better way.

    If you are going through an unusual pattern of delayed or preponed periods, you must consult your gynaecologist to evaluate the hormonal imbalances and other causes of irregular cycles.