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    Pregnancy Yoga

    Pregnancy Yoga

    Prenatal or Pregnancy yoga combines various meditation, breathing, and posture exercises to help soothe your nerves. The age-old practice of yoga when adopted by a pregnant female can reap amazing benefits for both the mother and the child. Prenatal yoga is one of the ways to combat the discomforts of pregnancy while your body makes room for another little life inside you. Yoga is a holistic intervention for expectant mothers. Practising prenatal yoga under expert guidance can help you ride through this phase. Aside from soothing both your mind and body, yoga also helps reduce pregnancy-associated complications and preps your body for smooth delivery. Momkidcare provides you with customised expert-guided plans in prenatal yoga to lay the foundation for a smooth sail into motherhood. 

      • Yoga is an effective way to bust stress, reduce anxiety, counter bad moods, and induce happy hormones.
      • Practising yoga during pregnancy can help encourage blood circulation, reduce back pain, and improve breathing. Exercises will help strengthen abdominal and pelvic muscles to support your pregnancy. 
      • Yoga postures and breathing techniques are known to improve cardiovascular conditions to ensure the safety of both the mother and the baby. 
      • Several yoga asanas help relieve constipation, ease digestion, manage weight and strengthens the muscles of the abdomen and pelvic floor. 
      • Make sure to consult your Obs/Gynae before trying anything new. 

      • It is recommended that you consult your Obstetrician if you haven’t practiced yoga ever. It is advised not to indulge in heavy workouts in the first trimester. Simple breathing and meditation practices under expert guidance are sufficient for women who are new to yoga. 
      • The most recommended time to kick start prenatal yoga is the second trimester that is 12-14 weeks of pregnancy. However, this must be done in the supervision of an expert upon the consultation of your Obstetrician. 

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    frequently asked questions

      Prenatal yoga is a flexible approach to exercise that encourages stretching, mental relaxation, and focused breathing. Many Research suggests that prenatal yoga is safe as it offers gentle and less strenuous sequences of poses and can have many benefits for pregnant women and their babies.

      Prenatal yoga is mainly Trimester wise for example First Trimester yoga is focused on breathing and meditation, Second Trimester yoga is focused on abdominal back muscles, Third Trimester yoga mainly about pelvic floor muscle exercises.

      Prenatal yoga classes offer a balanced sequence of joint mobility exercises, seated postures, standing postures, hip openers, breathing, and relaxation exercises.

      The benefits of prenatal yoga are:-

      • Provides Relief From Common Pregnancy Complaints
      • Helps in body and mind relaxation.
      • Prepare for labor and delivery
      • Prepare the body for a healthy pregnancy
      • Promotes connections with baby

      Yes !! If you’re in our prenatal yoga class, our instructor should design the class to be safe for you. Also, you should just be sure to never push yourself past the point of comfort.

      We have customized plans for every mother according to their needs like fit pregnancy, low lying placenta, weight management, IVF/IUI pregnancy, prenatal anxiety or stress, etc, and Whatsapp connectivity with our health advisors and experts.

      You will be taken care of if you are a beginner as the classes are designed for all levels. Our experts give variations of poses to accommodate all levels in the class.

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