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    Lactation Consultation

    Lactation Consultation

    While breastfeeding is supposed to be natural for both the mother and the baby, some women may experience challenges. Several issues like sore nipples, latching problems, not enough milk can overwhelm you, wanting you to quit breastfeeding. However, a better idea would be to seek professional help. A lactation consultant is an ideal person to seek help and support from in such scenarios. Lactation consultants help you overcome such challenges by providing expert guidance on methods, practices, and positions to resolve these issues. 

      Our team of lactation consultants, specially trained (IBCLC/CAPPA/BPNI) professionals examine all your breastfeeding issues and curate personalized solutions to help you prepare for nursing irrespective of the setback.

      A lactation consultant's guidance can help in the following cases:

      • Premature baby
      • A baby that refuses to latch
      • Low supply of milk
      • Sore/cracked/inverted nipples
      • Twins or triplets
      • Breast engorgements
      • Helping nursing mothers breastfeed as they switch back to work after their maternity leave
      • Babies with physical or neurological disabilities
      • Milk production in biological mother in case of surrogacy
      • General reassurance

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    frequently asked questions

      Lactation describes the secretion of milk from the mammary glands and the period of time that a mother lactates to feed her young. The process naturally occurs with all post-pregnancy and also called breastfeeding or nursing.

      Lactation consultants are who have received advanced education and training in the fields of lactation, breast anatomy and physiology, infant feeding development, infant oral anatomy, and complex lactation issues and challenges. They provide continuous care to mothers and Also breastfeeding comes with plenty of ups and downs while both mom and baby are learning, a lactation consultant can also serve as an important source of emotional support for new parents who may be struggling.

      People see lactation consultants at different points throughout pregnancy, after delivery, and throughout their baby's time breastfeeding. Pregnant women face various difficulties like sore or cracked nipples, Not enough milk supply, breast engorgement, the baby is not latching properly, etc.

      Most mothers produce enough milk for their babies. Your milk supply is considered low when there is not enough breast milk being produced to meet your baby's growth needs. In fact, women who have stopped breastfeeding will most commonly say it was because they 'didn't have enough milk.

      Here are some latching issues that mothers face while breastfeeding:-

      • Poor positioning of the baby.
      • Baby's body is out of line.
      • The Baby's body is too far away.
      • An empty breast.
      • Flat or inverted nipples.

      The benefits of taking Lactation consultant from Momkidcare is that our Lactation Consultants are BPNI, CLC, CLE, IBLCE, and Nursing certified professionals. We provide customized plans according to the requirement of mothers and have continuous follow-ups and WhatsApp connectivity with our health advisors and health experts.

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