carefor9 - A 9 Months Pregnancy Health Program

    Pregnancy is a beautiful journey, full of anticipation and excitement. To make it smooth, stress free and healthy, you need regular support on nutrition, fitness and emotional wellness, timely resolution of queries and expert guidance on birthing and lactation. Momkidcare offers a unique “Carefor9” personalized care program to shape your pregnancy healthy, joyful and memorable.

      The carefor9 pregnancy care program aims at giving the mother-to-be, personalized care and support and the healthiest possible experience throughout the pregnancy. The program not just focused on trimester specific Yoga and Nutrition, but also have Child birth education (Antenatal), Lactation and Emotional well-being services which are required by pregnant women throughout their beautiful journey of 9 months and beyond.
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    program benefits

    Lowering of pregnancy related risks (GDM, High BP)
    Preparation for labour & normal delivery
    Active, fit and healthy pregnancy
    Healthy birth weight & newborn care
    Strengthen couple bonding
    Faster postnatal recovery

    An Online Pregnancy health Program covering entire 9 months & beyond

    Individualised pregnancy care approach designed by the team of certified & experienced health experts

    we cover following Pregnancy related concerns

    Certified & Experienced pregnancy experts

    Already over or underweight when concieved? or Gaining too much Weight during pregnancy.

    To be fit & avoid Pregnancy-related complications like Gestational diabetes, high blood pressure etc.

    Delivery & Labour related Queries (Labor positions, pain mangement, breastfeeding etc)

    Morning sickness, Anxiety & stress, Pregnancy aches & pains.

    program features

    Certified & Experienced pregnancy experts
    Personalised, Holistic & Scientific approach
    Dedicated Personal Health advisor for 9 months.
    Resolve all your doubts through interactive sessions
    Regular tracking to minimise pregnancy related complications
    frequently asked questions

      The key benefits of this particular program are :-
    • Personal Health Advisor allotted for throughout pregnancy program to track your progress
    • Customized Plan - will be created by taking into consideration your condition, trimester, body requirements, work timings, travel plans etc.
    • Weekly/Monthly Tips: Weekly Tips (nutrition, physical activity, symptoms, current updates), Fun facts, Personal beauty care tips etc.

      You just need to submit the enquiry form and our health advisor will get in touch with you immediately to explain the details of the program. You can start the program by paying 30% of total fee and rest after one month if you like the program. You are requested to take your Gynecologist recommendation for this holistic program as well.

      The expecting mother can join the program anytime at 1st & 2nd trimester and also can access it online/home depending on your need and affordability. Once you join the program, a detailed orientation about this program will be taken up by Advisor team.

      The following things will happen in Orientation session :-

    • Health status review.
    • Program benefits.
    • Each Service details & follow-up plan.
    • Regular update on progress report.

      The Program will be customized by our Health advisors. A detailed history will be taken and based upon it the entire program will be customized by the experts of different streams sitting together.

      Becoming pregnant again can be joyful and also a healing experience, anxiety and depression could continue even after the birth of a healthy child. The services which are included in our program are formulated to provide emotional well-being, healthy diet ,labor pain management classes, lactation consultation and weekly engagement activities so that you can enjoy every aspect of this beautiful journey of yours.

      This program can Improve IVF/IUI success rate as since yoga, health diet, emotional well-being all can help you in manging your weight, PCOS/PCOD & other lifestyle issues for a healthy pregnancy. We will look after you and resolve all your queries.

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