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    A developmental assessment for kids under age 3 is carried out to evaluate different aspects of the kid's functioning such as communication, behavior, social interaction, motor and sensory abilities, and adaptive skills. If someone recommends the child an assessment, it does not conclude that the child has any development issues for sure. All you need to do is keep an open mind and trust the process as its for your child’s betterment.

    Disclaimer: Kindly note that child development tracker only helps in tracking the development pattern of the baby. In case of any discrepancy from the recommended milestones achieved per age, it is important to consult the doctor immediately.

    Please tick only those milestones which are achieved.

    Assessment form for developmental delay
    Assessment form for language delay
    Assessment form for developmental delay
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    Assessment form for language delay
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    Development refers to maturation of functions and acquisition of various skills for optimal functioning of an individual. This maturation is reflected in the sequential attainment of developmental milestones.

    Developmental milestones are important and easily identifiable during the continuous process of the development. E.g. sitting, pointing to objects. While all children achieve these milestones at their own pace, but the sequence of attainment will be same.  

    Developmental screening and assessment of your child can assist you to know whether your child is meeting distinctive milestones on time. How your child speaks, learns, reacts and moves give you important insights about their development.

    Parents can use this tool on regular basis to assess the developmental status of their child. If a child falters to achieve certain milestones, it is important to consult immediately with the health expert for proper examination of the child.  

    The development milestones of a baby occur mainly in 5 domains –

    1.Gross motor milestone - neck holding, rolling over, sitting, standing walking, etc.

    2.Fine motor skill - grasping, transferring objects, scribbling, holding a spoon, etc.

    3.Personal-social development and general understanding - social smile, recognizing mother, stranger anxiety, follows commands, knows name and gender, plays in a group

    4.Speech and language - cooing, babbling, laughing when talked to, saying mama dada, words, sentences, etc.

    5.Vision and hearing- Not moving eyes when object moves and not responding her/his name.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    A developmental delay means a child fails to attain the developmental milestones expected by a certain age. Parents are the ones who can easily notice this lag in achieving milestones in stipulated timeline. The right intervention at early stages can help the child to catch up on his developmental track.

    The child development assessment is important in evaluation of a child’s current developmental status and identifying problems or delays in his development. It can be easily used by the parents and it is suggested that they assess their child’s development on regular intervals.

    To track developmental milestone of the child, it is important to pay attention on child activities.

    Simple steps to track developmental milestone of the child:

    • Insert the age of your child in the tracker.
    • Fill the assessment form focused on development and language milestone.
    • If the result shows delay in the development of the baby, we suggest you connect with health expert.

    Developmental delay may be caused by a variety of factors comprising genetics, heredity, environmental, complications with pregnancy, nutrition and premature birth. if your child is not achieving milestones as per his/her age, we suggest you consult your health expert for better understanding.

    If your child is not achieving any of the milestone as per the age, it is matter of concern. We suggest you connect with your health expert to roll out the course of actions required for your child.

    With any developmental delay early treatment is the key. Flexibility and adaptability are highest in the early years. Exercising Intervention during the early years of 0-3 helps the child quickly pick up skills needed to lead a quality life in future.