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    Moms Fitness

    Moms Fitness

    Being a mom is not an easy feat, all the blessed mom deserves a good health, reformed body shape with lesser belly fat and full of energy along with feel-good emotions to deal with daily chaos. However every mom has specific body requirements depending on their daily activity, BMI and lifestyle. Therefore, momkidcare offer a customized fitness program with personal attention and support by the fitness experts at your convenience. We design your fitness to help you achieve optimal health & fitness without going to extremes — loving yourself from the inside out.

      In momkidcare the fitness experts design your fitness sessions after a complete assessment of your health status and acknowledging your fitness needs. The program is aimed to provide the following benefits –

      • Strengthen & tone abdomen, leg, and arm muscles.
      • Helps in losing extra pounds
      • Strengthen & improves the function of pelvic floor muscle 
      • Positive effect on mood 
      • Boost energy and increase stamina

      The expert provides personal attention to each mother, keeps you motivated, and ensures to achieve the program benefits in a specific timeline.

      It is easy to get confused by a lot of information/programs available and make it difficult to select the best fitness program. It is important to select your program wisely so that you can maximize the health benefits and minimises the risk of injury.  

      In momkidcare, the expert helps you to select the right fitness program. They explain various offers available viz. beginners/intermediate/advanced level program and assist you to design your own fitness plan, considering your health demand and interest (viz. aerobics / Zumba/Yoga/ Pilates/ burpees / cardio, etc.)

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