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frequently asked questions

    Seek a medical review/emotional counseling if you experience the following symptoms:

    • Worrying about self and baby’s health
    • Failure to concentrate on daily tasks
    • Lack of enthusiasm and energy
    • Feeling irritable 
    • Poor sleep

    Emotional counseling is based on the premise that our feelings affect our behavior. Emotional counseling looks behind the symptoms that a client is experiencing and looks to reach the cause of the problem.

    After emotional counseling sessions person have the following benefits:-

    • Feel lighter
    • Gain clarity
    • Learn more about themselves and others
    • Feel energized
    • Feel good
    • Positive and hopeful
    • Take decisions and actions
    • See positive changes
    • Improve relationships and so on.

    Counseling is a continuous process where a counselor uses a psychological framework to facilitate insight and awareness to help you discover your answers.

    Yes. All information that you share will be kept confidential. This is an extremely important ethical guideline for a counselor where no information can be disclosed to another person without your consent.

    Since there is no professional body or association for counseling in India yet, there is a lot of confusion between the role of a counselor as distinct from a clinical psychologist or psychiatrist.

     While all of these approaches may treat similar issues, they may differ in their philosophy and focus. Counselors and psychologists typically focus on the psychological, emotional and sociological aspects of helping a person grow. Psychiatrists typically focus on the biological aspects of a problem.

    At momkidcare we have certified and trained counselors. They provide customized plans according to the issues such as Pregnancy Anxiety, Stress and abortion or miscarriage. We provide regular sessions and continuous follow-ups. There is a complete assessment of the health status and Whatsapp connectivity with our heath advisor and experts are provided.

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