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Garbh Sanskar for Healthy Pregnancy
Sessions: 6/ Month
I Duration:60 Minutes

Spiritually, it is believed that your baby starts learning right from the womb. The package includes all the activities and therapies that help in the better development of the baby. You can customize your Garbh Sanskar program according to your health need and priorities (with yoga or without yoga asnas)

Program Features:

  • Assessment of current health status.
  • Creating awareness and explaining the importance of Garbhasanskar.
  • Yogopathy & Saatwik diet
  • Asan and Pranayama: - Nadi shodhna, Bhrahmari,Bhastrika, Kapal bhati etc.
  • Guided Meditation (Surya dhyana, Teen shareeron ka dhyana, Naad yog )
  • Garbhsamvad (womb talk)
  • Traditional Ragas and pregnancy shloka therapy
  • Lifestyle Modification
  • Preparation prior to delivery
  • Couple Counselling.
  • Regular sessions and continuous follow-ups
  • Progress assessment & feedback.

Other Important Details:

  • Mode of Service Delivery: Online (via chat, Whatsapp video call, telephone)
  • No of Sessions: 6 Sessions
  • Eligibility: Females who are pregnant and willing to have a healthy pregnancy.
  • Note: Gynecologist recommendation is advisable before starting this exercise during Pregnancy.

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frequently asked questions

    Garbh Sanskar involves a saatwik diet regimen, yoga, meditation, chanting mantras, listening to ragas and shloka, and behavioral suggestions that help create a positive atmosphere around the mother and the baby.

    • Strengthens the bond between the fetus and the mother.

    • Help in the development of IQ, EQ & SQ children.

    • Improve the intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual quotient of the unborn baby

    • Positive environment for the foetus and the mother throughout pregnancy

    • Positive stimulation of the senses of the foetus in the womb

    In momkidcare, the expert's design sessions after a complete assessment of your health status and acknowledging your needs. The expert provides personal attention to each mother keeps you motivated and ensures to achieve the program benefits in a specific timeline.

    The program features are –

    1. A personalized program designed according to your need. 

    2. By certified & experienced health professionals.

    3. Customized & flexible to ensure maximum benefits.

    4. Regular tracking to minimize pregnancy risks.

    Garbh sanskar is a holistic and spiritual program. It includes following ayurvedic activities that keeps you and your baby cheerful.

    • Ragas and shlokas 

    • Womb talking (Garbhsamwad)

    • Garbh Uttejan, Garbh Chintan, Garbh Sangeet, Garbh Prarthana & Garbh vidhis

    • Yogopathy and swaatvik Ahar diet plan

    • Aromatherapy and Meditation

    • Yoga kriyas, Asans and pyrayanams 

    Garbh Sanskar, benefits your baby in following manner

    • Enhanced intellectual and mental health

    • Improved chances of achieving major developmental milestones timely

    • Enhanced Ojas and Tejas 

    • Acquiring key qualities like clam, confident, sharp, intelligent, bold, happy etc 

    • Protect baby from negative energies

    Garbh Sanskar, in addition to your baby’s optimum development, also benefits would-be-mother in following manner

    • Improved chances of Normal Delivery

    • Stress free mind, soul & body

    • An enjoyable and memorable pregnancy experience 

    • Reduce chances of Pregnancy related complications

    Ideally Garbh Sansnkar program should start either preconception or at the time you conceive, you can enjoy and experience Garbh Sanskar program till your delivery. 

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