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    Postnatal physiotherapy exercise help in recovery after childbirth and regain muscle strength 

    and achieving an active lifestyle. It also minimizes post-delivery issues such as back pain, 

    cervical pain, pelvic discomfort, fatigue etc. The other benefits are –  

    • Address back pain and cervical pain 
    • Enhance physical recovery and emotional quotient.  
    • Increased strength of abdomen & pelvic floor muscles 
    • Helps to regain your normal body shape 
    • Manages urinary incontinence, Diastasis Recti (Abdominal separation) etc. 

    At Momkidcare we provide customized plan according to the need and symptoms of the mother. We have trained and experienced professionals who are dedicated to provide you 

    valuable results within comfortable environment. There will be continuous follow ups and WhatsApp connectivity with our team and the expert.