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Postnatal Anxiety or Stress (Trial)
Session : 1
I Duration:60

Relaxation is very important during this time, and for that deep breathing plays a vital role. Hormonal changes often leads to disturbed mind, yoga helps in stabilizing the mind and calming down your mood.

Program Features:

  • Session begins with lifestyle discussions proceeded by with some warm-up.
  • Classes focus on prayers and chantings that help in creating a positive environment.
  • Sessions centre around pranayam along with some asanas which are instrumental in reducing stress and anxiety along with body toning.
  • Sessions are winded up with 10 minutes of meditation and yog nidra aasan

Other Important Details:

  • Mode of Service Delivery: Online (via Chat, What’s app Video call, Telephone)
  • No of Session: 1 (Valid for 1 day)
  • Note: Gynecologist recommendation is advisable before starting the yoga/exercises during (0-6 months) of postpartum.

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frequently asked questions

    While it is best to take your gynecologist’s advice, postnatal yoga experts suggest waiting for at least 6-8 weeks after natural delivery and around 12-13 weeks if you have given birth C Section. 

    Postnatal yoga interventions, when followed under expert guidance, can tremendously help to

    • Strengthen pelvic muscles
    • Rebuild flexibility and body strength
    • Restore body posture
    • Promote energy levels
    • Speed up recovery
    • Fight stress, postpartum depression and reduce anxiety
    • Encourage a feeling of well-being and optimism

    Postnatal yoga help mothers recover from pregnancy and birth. It heals the body and mind, and repair all the tissues. Yoga poses focus on helping new mothers tone their body and regain their figure, relieve stress, and even bond with their newborn.

    • Strengthen and tighten abdominal and hip muscles
    • Restore and nourish the internal organs
    • Relieve back pain
    • Strengthen and stretch the lower back
    • Calm the nervous system
    • Boost the immune system

    It's generally advised that moms allow themselves to heal for 6 weeks post-birth. But you should check with your doctor first before starting back with your yoga routine. A gentle practice is a great way to start back.

    If you had a C-section, doctors would recommend a longer recovery time before giving the go-ahead to exercise again i.e approx. more than 6 weeks.

    Yes !! Postnatal yoga is helpful in breastfeeding as it helps in:-

    • Restoring hormonal balance
    • Eases pressure on the nervous system.
    • It helps in building up strength in the spine.
    • Minimizes the effects of holding and feeding a baby.

    We provide plans according to the needs of the mothers, these plans are customized plans and have benefits like continuous follow-ups and Whatsapp connectivity with our health advisors and experts.

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