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Joined Hands with Genes2me

We at momkidcare are glad to announce that we have joined hands with Genes2me as our service provider. 

Genes2me was established in 2016 and is today one of the leading molecular diagnostic companies of India. It provides a wide spectrum of modern methods and technology for genetic analysis covering mother and childcare, personalized genetics and oncology. With a comprehensive range of panels, they cover each and every facet of your pregnancy journey.

Genes2me has reached out to a new level of innovation by combining full body check-up along with DNA testing.

A clinically valuable and cost effective company,Genes2me is working on providing diagnostic and preventive measures for ensuring healthy children in the country

Both Momkidcare and Genes2me are working on somewhat similar sort of motivesof ensuring healthy individuals. Thus, an intersection of ideas from these groups will help achieve the goals in a better and organized manner.

We target helping women at their important life steps like adolescence, pregnancy and post-pregnancy so, getting support and coalition with such a working body enhances our efficiency and improves on accuracy and quality of services that we provide.

A vision from such an established and hard-working company will serve as a paragon for our work. Besides, getting collaborated with such a company will drive us to achieve our goals in terms of reaching out to the public as a whole.

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