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Pregnancy Yoga Classes
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An inspiring & specially designed pregnancy yoga classes that offer techniques for a joy-filled journey into motherhood. Apart from controlling your weight, you will feel energised and learn different yogic asanas like garbh sanskar and kriyas to support your changing body alo...Read More
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Whether you are weeks or month away from giving birth, you will benefit from these prenatal yoga classes as yoga poses are designed to create calm, ease and energy in you. The specially trained prenatal yoga expert crafts a series of postures keeping your pre-pregnancy fitness, BMI, pregnancy stage and other medical conditions into consideration that supports you to stay comfortable and makes you feel stronger.

  • Wants to start the pregnancy fitness regime.
  • Better sleep, reduced anxiety and stress.
  • Enhance flexibility, stamina and strength of muscle required for childbirth.
  • Alleviates lower back pain, headache & other pregnancy discomforts.
  • Reduce nausea and shortness of breath.
  • Lowers risk of preterm labour & intrauterine growth restriction.
  • Inspire for natural childbirth.
  • Detailed counselling before starting the session along with prayer and chanting followed by relaxation and breathing technique to help in creating positive environment & mind relaxed.
  • Subtle yogic kriyas and asanas (Like Sukhasana, Garbh Sanskar, Badha Konasana, Padmasana, Pranayam, Shavasana etc) to be designed and provided as per your trimester-wise requirements, capacity and schedule to focus on creating a space for a baby, encourage circulation to the womb & pelvic region, strengthening joints & abdominal muscles and posture alignment which makes your body more flexible to face the upcoming challenges of pregnancy.
  • Regular follow-ups to monitor the progress.

*Note: Above details are valid for package bookings not the trial sessions classes.


Mode of Service Delivery: Online (via chat, Whatsapp video call, telephone)

 No of Sessions: 1 (Valid for 1 day) 

Duration of Each Session: 30-45 minutes 

Eligibility: All pregnant females except females who are into first trimester & Critical pregnancy (if indicated by Gynecologist for extra precautions). 

Note: Gynecologist recommendation is advisable before starting the prenatal yoga/exercise classes during Pregnancy.