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    Child Psychology

    Every parent wants their child to have a healthy development however most of the time, we as a parents unknowingly ignore or miss to track their developmental milestones timely. It may result sometimes into delay in understanding the child’s behavior is a symptom of a normal stage in development or a sign of an abnormality. A child psychologists understand this difference very well and help you to identify the root cause of learning, behavioral or developmental abnormalities. They work to diagnose early childhood interventions such as developmental delays, down’s syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, learning disorders (dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia & processing deficit), cerebral palsy, voice disorders and intellectual disability.

      • Persistent sadness — two or more weeks
      • Withdrawing from or avoiding social interactions
      • Talking about hurting oneself 
      • Difficulty in concentrating
      • Drastic changes in mood, behavior or personality
      • Developmental delay
      • Difficulty in reading or speaking 
      • Feeling threatened or bullied 
      • Outbursts or extreme irritability

      • Visiting a child psychologist involves the detailed Assessment of psychological or behavioral disorders to identify the root cause, using psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, psychometric tests and various other assessment methods
      • Detailed understanding and history taking from the parents and if needed from child’s teacher
      • Provide suitable treatment plans that address the root cause problems
      • Design & provide various evidence based therapy programs, counselling sessions, IEP (individualized education programs)
      • Address problems such as bullying, depression, learning difficulties, and various other social/mental health condition in children by providing appropriate psychological intervention
      • Liaise and monitor treatment progress with other child health care experts professionals such as child speech therapist, occupational therapists, protection workers, social workers, and pediatricians to facilitate and ensure the psychological progress of a child

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