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    Childbirth Education

    Childbirth education is designed to provide guidance and counselling about the process of labor, pain and emotional management during and after the birth of the baby. These interventions help prepare women for labor, condition them with knowledge to overcome their fear about childbirth and prepare them for motherhood and childcare.

    MomKidCare has specially designed this service in collaboration with highly trained professionals to deliver evidence-based information around this area. 

      Getting prepared for welcoming your baby needs to be done before you enter the labor room. CBE sessions delivered by certified professionals held in the form of personalized instructions and discussions are targeted towards: 

      • Diversifying your knowledge about pregnancy, labor, and childbirth
      • Boosting confidence in your pregnancy, and fighting your anxiety around natural delivery
      • Creating awareness about methods such as relaxation, breathing techniques, and visualization for coping with contractions
      • Educating about medical interventions and complications during pregnancy
      • Nurturing your relationship with your partner
      • Catering to your fears, anxiety, myths and questions around labor and childbirth
      • Answering your concerns about childcare

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