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Induction of lactation in biological mother into surrogate pregnancy (6-8 weeks before delivery)
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Many new moms are surprised and excited to know that even without experience real pregnancy (in case of surrogacy), they may be able to breastfeed their newborn babies. Through induced lactation and proper preparation, it is possible for the new moms to enjoy the breastfeeding...Read More
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1 Online Breastfeeding Consultation
IBCLC/CAPPA/BPNI Certified Lactation Consultant
Easy Refund Policy
1 Online Consultation with diet plan
Certified & experienced Child Nutritionist
Easy Refund Policy

Surrogacy is a well-accepted option of treatment for a minority of infertile women, however, the infant is usually deprived of the advantages of breastfeeding and protection against various infection and allergy. Ideally, this may be overcome with induced lactation, it is also beneficial in achieving a mother & child relationship after a surrogate pregnancy. Induced lactation guidance by well-trained experts can ease this journey for you.

  • Initiate induction of lactation in biological (genetic) mother in surrogacy.
  • Address all common breastfeeding issues like sore, inverted or cracked nipples, swollen, tender and engorgement breast, baby is not latching properly, not enough/high breast milk etc.
  • Help to establish a bond between biological mother and infant because it allows close skin and eye contact.
  • Boost baby’s health, weight and immunity (all-natural benefits of breastfeeding).
  • Active listening and rapport building with the new parents.
  • Biological Mother history taking and guide through the process of induction of lactation,minimum 6-8 weeks required before delivery of baby
  • Initiate process of induction of lactation (hormonal therapy, monitoring, breast pumping exercise etc) 
  • Demonstration of skills and technique to rectify the problem/issue like latch-on position-signs of proper latch, different breastfeeding positions etc 
  • Counselling and building confidence 
  • Review and re-evaluation, if required.

Mode of Service Delivery: Online (via Chat, Whatsapp video call, telephone) 

No of Sessions: 1 Consultation (Valid for 1 day) 

Duration of Each Session: 30-45 minutes

 Eligibility: Only cases of surrogacy are eligible where biological (genetic) mother wants to initiate breastfeeding, You may require to get your gynaecologist recommendation to initiate this therapy