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Gestational diabetes management through diet & Yoga
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Everyone’s dietary needs, Glucose tolerance, hormone level and physical activity varies, hence, There’s no one-size-fits-all food plan that works for every mom-to-be with gestational diabetes. Uncontrolled glucose levels have potential perinatal risk for mom and new born child...Read More
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12 yoga & 1 Diet Counselling Session
3 Follow-up sessions
Certified Dietician & Yoga experts for Pregnancy care
1 Counselling Session with a diet Plan
Certified Dietician for Pregnancy care
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Pregnant woman with Gestational diabetes (GDM) with a specially designed diet plan and yoga classes, can successfully achieve maintained blood sugar level along with recommended weight gain during pregnancy. Our experts at designs and customize the program keeping your Pregnancy BMI, Pregnancy stage, Dietary preferences, body flexibility or strength and other associated medical condition in mind.

  • History of (or Currently) diabetes, gestational diabetes & gestational hypertension 
  • Symptoms of frequent urination and increased thrist 
  •  Overweight/obese at the time of pregnancy confirmation or during pregnancy. 
  • Lack of physical activity
  • Assessment of BMI, Dietary habits, Blood biochemical values, physical activities & Sleep habits to determine the body’s micro/macro nutrients and calories requirement • Discuss the food preferences and design strategies or diet plan in order to cut carbs and maintain right balance of other nutrients 
  • Detailed counselling before starting the session along with prayer and chanting followed by relaxation and breathing technique to help in creating positive environment & mind relaxed. 
  • Subtle yogic Kriyas and Asans (Like Sukhasana, Badha Konasana, Padmasana, Pranayam & Shavasana etc) to be designed and provided as per your trimester-wise requirements, capacity and schedule to focus on creating a space for a baby, encourage circulation to the womb & pelvic region, strengthening joints & abdominal muscles and posture alignment which makes your body more flexible to face the upcoming challenges 
  • Alternative diet options to break monotony 
  • Simple portion- control guide 
  • Regular whats’app conectivity

Mode of Service Delivery for Yoga and Diet Sessions: Online (via Chat, What’s app Video call, Telephone)

 No of Sessions & Duration

  • Prenatal Yoga Sessions: 12 (Valid for 1 months) of 60 min each 
  • Prenatal Diet Counselling: 1 (Valid for 1 months) of 30 min each, 3 Diet followup Session (weekly) of 15 min

 Eligibility: All Pregnant females having medical conditions like Gestational diabetes or prone to have gestational diabetes

 Note: Gynaecologist recommendation is advisable before starting the yoga/exercises during Pregnancy