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Postnatal recovery (6 weeks - 6 months of postpartum) through Diet & Yoga
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After going through the most challenging phase i.e. childbirth, your body and mind gets weaken and seeks additional support to recover faster. Your body gets faster recovery if she gets a balanced diet along with mental/emotional peace. We at momkidcare has designed this postn...Read More
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20 Postnatal Yoga sessions & 1 Diet counselling with diet chart
3 Diet Follow-up sessions
Certified Dietician for Postnatal care
1 Counselling Session with a diet Plan
Certified Dietician for Pregnancy care
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At Momkidcare, we focus on individualised approach, and customises the entire Postnatal recovery program yoga as per the individual needs considering their body nutritional status. During Postpartum phase (6–15 weeks) we mainly focus on soothing & nurturing class (Meditations), to help you come back into your body, and recover from childbirth, whereas from (3-6 Months) postpartum phase, we focus more on building strength, increasing stamina, reducing fatigue and releasing chronic tension in the spine in addition of providing the customised diet plan in both phases.



  • Overweight/Underweight mothers seeking nutritional support 
  •  History of diabetes, gestational diabetes, gestational hypertension 
  •  Mothers with minimum or no physical activity (Sedentary lifestyle) 
  •  Having frequent constipations 
  • Mothers feeling too tired or exhausting


  • Improves physical health, recovery, posture and mobility after birth. 
  •  Relax body, mind and soul along with Emotional balance & Stability 
  •  Heavy Back or spine pain because of nursing or carrying your baby 
  • A pain in pelvic floor and pelvic area 
  • Boosts physical and mental inner power, trust and intuition as a (new) mother
  • Assessment of BMI, Dietary habits, Blood biochemical values, physical activities & Sleep habits to determine the body’s micro/macro nutrients and calories requirement 
  •  Discuss the food preferences and design strategies or diet plan in order to maintain right balance of other nutrients 
  • Alternative diet options to break monotony 
  • Detailed counselling before starting the session along with prayer and chanting followed by relaxation and breathing technique to help in creating positive environment & mind relaxed. 
  • We combine soft yogaposes, strengthening exercises, breathing techniques, meditation and deep relaxation

Mode of Service Delivery for Yoga and Diet Sessions: Online (via Chat, What’s app Video call, Telephone)

 No of Sessions & Duration

Postnatal Yoga Sessions: 20 (Valid for 1 months) of 60 min each 

Postnatal Diet Counselling: 1 (Valid for 1 months) of 30 min each, 3 whats app Followup sessions

 Note: Gynecologist recommendation is advisable before starting the yoga/exercises during (0-6 months) of postpartum