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    Baby Milestone Red Flags to Watch out for (for Various Months Eg -5-7)

    Being a parent, one has this natural impulse of feeling proud about a child’s achievements no matter how small they may be. Whether it is his first word, first trophy, first football match win or first job, parents want to celebrate each milestone in his life. 

    It is not just that your baby starts achieving ‘milestones’ only after he turns 1 and so on. Your little munchkin of 5-7 months too has a hard life where it has certain milestones to achieve, of that level, of course.

    The following are the red-flags or milestones of your 5-7-month-old that you can look out for and be proud because yes, your baby is growing:

    1. Rolling: Your baby starts to roll from its back to stomach or vice versa. He can also start crawling on his knees and knock back and forth, slide on its tummy. Since he rolls independently, you got to be cautious before leaving him alone in a room.
    2. Food: Baby can start eating soft solids food now other than mother’s milk. Squashed fruits and vegetables, cereals can be fed to the baby. However, feed the child solid foods only after testing as sometimes the child’s body might not accept the food and may have diarrhea or rashes.
    3. Communication and speech: The baby start to identify its family members and starts smiling, laughing with them. He will also starts babbling easy sounds like ma-ma, ba-ba etc. He identifies strangers and exhibit fears with unknown people.
    4. Gripping objects: It can hold objects, pass objects and throw objects.
    5. Bouncing: If made to stand with a support, the baby has the strength to bounce on his legs. 
    6. Eyesight: The field of vision for the baby increases as he can gaze throughout the room while lying on the bed.
    7. Baby begins to understand and feels happy looking into the mirror.
    8. He is able to understand his name being called out.
    9. Sitting: At 7 months of age, he is able to sit without any support.
    10. Sleeping pattern: He will start having 8-10h continuous sleep with very less feeding breaks.

    Cherish these milestones as your child will grow up in no time!

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