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    Garbh Sanskar During Pregnancy and Its Positive Benefits

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    Why is Garbh Sanskar important?         

    Garbh Sanskar is a traditional Indian practice that supports the child physically, mentally, and emotionally while in the womb. It helps to imbibe values in the child from conception. The fetus's brain development starts after five weeks. It is scientifically proven that the child responds to external stimuli, whether happy, sad, stressed, or anxious. Whatever the mother feels, the baby feels. That is why reading ancient scriptures, listening to calming music, and having a healthy lifestyle are recommended for pregnant women, as these impact the child.

    The Indian scriptures provide evidence through the story of Abhimanyu, who learned how to enter the chakravyu by just listening inside the womb. Garbh Sanskar builds the character and personality of the child. It is comparatively rigid to imbibe values in a child after he is born, so the practice of Garbh Sanskar holds great significance. It helps the child better connect with his mother and the external world. Bhakt Prahlad is another example; while his father was an eternal atheist, his mother was a hardcore Lord Vishnu bhakta. She used to pray to Lord Vishnu while Prahlad was in the womb, and hence, Prahlad got his devotion from his mother.

    There are various doctors who generally recommend that pregnant women should follow certain things during pregnancy:

    • Positive thinking and a stress-free environment.
    • Healthy diet and exercise.
    • Reading scriptures or good books
    • Listening to music.
    • Talking meaningful things to the fetus.

    Which Mantra and Shloka is good for Garbh Sanskar

    There are several mantras and shlokas According to Hindus recognition considered auspicious for Garbh Sanskar, each with its own significance. Before reading these mantras you can consult a spiritual guru or garbh sanskar expert .

    1.  Hanuman Chalisa: It is said that by reading Hanuman Chalisa, the baby in the womb remains away from all evil activities and the baby gets relief from the pain in the womb.

    2.  Gayatri Mantra: This powerful mantra is believed to invoke the divine energy and wisdom, promoting mental and spiritual development.

    "Om bhur bhuvah svah tat savitur varenyam bhargo devasya dhimahi dhiyo yo nah prachodayat॥"

    3.  Beej Mantra: The Beej Mantra for the planet Jupiter (Guru or Brihaspati) is often chanted during Garbh Sanskar for intelligence and wisdom.

    "Om Graam Greem Graum Sah Guruve Namah॥"

    4.  Verses from the Quran and Bible: By reciting Quran and Bible, the baby in the womb receives God's blessings which is beneficial for its development.

    5.  Shlokas from Bhagavad Gita: Verses from the Bhagavad Gita, such as Chapter 2, Verse 47 ("Karmanye vadhikaraste ma phaleshu kadachana"), emphasize the importance of performing one's duties without attachment to the fruits of actions. Such shlokas are often recited for positive guidance during pregnancy.

    Importance of Garbh Sanskar

    The fetus can decipher his mother's heartbeats, emotions, and voice from 24 weeks onwards. A Garbha Sanskar is therefore advised to teach positive values to the child. It makes pregnancy a happy period. The importance of Garbha Sanskar is mentioned below: 

    ●   Imbibing values to the baby

    A mentally and emotionally healthy child is as important as a physically healthy child. Chanting the mantras holds great significance in creating a positive atmosphere. While remembering the mantras might be difficult for some mothers, listening to Veena music and reading good books also positively affect the child.

    ●   Creating a bond between mother and child

    Garbh Sanskar involves a process called Garbh Samvad, where the mother and the family are encouraged to communicate with the child. After 26 weeks, the babies can decipher the noises from outside the womb. Speaking to the baby during this period helps to build a connection. The baby recognizes the voices after delivery, which helps calm them down.

    ●   Reduced stress and anxiety of the mother

    During pregnancy, a mother encounters body and hormonal changes. She is both happy and anxious. Garbh Sanskar helps to calm down the mother. It helps to maintain blood pressure, reduce stress, and provide peace of mind to both the mother and the baby.

    ●   Improving the brain development of the baby

    The positivity due to Garbh Sanskar releases endorphins in the mother, reduces brain shrinkage, and enhances cognitive function. The same benefits are experienced by the child, too. The healthy environment created by Garbh Sanskar helps in the brain development of the child.

    ●   Making pregnancy easier

    Mothers encounter several problems during pregnancy, like back pain, hair loss, boils, rashes, etc. Specific yoga asanas during Garbh Sanskar help reduce back pain and improve breathing. They also increase the probability of expected full-term delivery and minimal labor pain.

    Certain sanskars, such as Punsavan Sanskar, Seemantonayan Sanskar, GarbhSanskar Sutra, Vaidic Mantra Vrushti, Isht Mantra, GarbhSanskar Music, and Jeevan Sutra, impart value to the unborn baby through the mother. The sound waves of these mantras benefit the child's brain development and overall well-being.There is enough scientific evidence for Garbh Sanskar and its miraculous effect on the unborn child. Modern science has recognized its significance, and doctors also recommend the same for a healthy mother and child.

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