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    Body Changes After Pregnancy: Its Psychologically Affects

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    Congratulations, you are a mother now. Giving birth to a baby is a big life event and it is very natural to experience a range of emotions. There is a roller coaster ride that a women go through during and after your pregnancy. According to the figures, one in every five women experiences mental health problem during or after pregnancy. Many mothers experience fear, anxiety, sadness, and difficulty after giving birth to a child. And, not only this, they generally have difficulty in getting the energy to care of their infants, and their families. And, this sometimes turn into the depression.

    Postpartum depression is an amalgamation of physical, emotional, and behavioral changes, which happen in a woman after giving birth. PPD is a type of depression, which has its onset within four weeks after delivery. Yes, there are a number of emotional problems, which could arise when you’re pregnant or have had a baby. However, this should not be like this. One of the psychological effects is anxiety. A little anxiety is normal, but too is harmful. Anxiety could let you lose control or go crazy. Anxiety may lead to low self-confidence and a belief that you are a bad parent.

    If you see these symptoms in yourself, it is the time to talk about treatment options with a health professional:

    • Panic attacks
    • Feeling irritable, restless or on edge
    • Taking a long time to fall asleep
    • Anxiety that stops you going out with your baby

    Here are some of the tips to cope up with the psychological changes:

    • Eat regular & healthy meals
    • Spend time with people who make you feel relaxed
    • Try not to make major changes at this time
    • Keep physically active
    • Be realistic about what you can do
    • Rest when you need to
    • Avoid using drugs or alcohol
    • Don’t expect too much of yourself
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