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    New Mommies Dilemma- Crib Sleeping or Co Sleeping? Which Is Beneficial?

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    Parenting is not at all easy. You have to take every step carefully. One of the biggest challenges is to know which technique of sleeping is better for a child-Crib Sleeping or Co-Sleeping. Crib sleeping refers to letting a child independent without caregivers while co-sleeping refers to the practice where a child sleeps with one or both parents.  

    Sleeping has very much impact based on how a child sleeps. The quality of baby sleep and newborn sleep position is important. Poor quality of sleep can lead to disruptive behavior in children, resulting in weakened academic performance and other impacts. Both crib sleeping and co-sleeping have their advantages and disadvantages. So, let's take a look at the pros and cons of crib sleeping and co-sleeping. 

    Crib Sleeping 

    Crib sleeping involves training a baby to sleep on his own without parental help. It has many advantages like fewer night wakings, reduced bedtime struggles, and sound sleep for both parents and children. Crib sleeping is a better option for parents’ mental health, and improved temperament and mood in a child. However, it isn’t a perfect method to fit for every baby and family. Not every baby will respond well to sleep training. Also, crib sleeping doesn't guarantee quality sleep for your child. 


    Co-sleeping is the practice, which has been there from decades. It not only allows babies to get into a better daytime/nighttime routine but also gives a feeling of security and develops a better attachment with parents. It is the most convenient way when a mother is breastfeeding. However, this does involve the danger of suffocating the baby or not giving proper space. Also, there might be a chance that the baby may get used to sleeping with the parents. The baby sleeping solution is not a science. Parents should always need to be flexible with their options when it comes to giving baby quality sleep. So, it is better to choose an option depending on the baby sleep and newborn sleep position.

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