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    Why Health & Wellness Programs for Pregnant and Post-pregnant Working Women Matter at Workplace

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    Women always bring novel skills and vibrant energies to the workplace, and their presence, dedication towards work have been proven to be a great contributor to any organisation economy. Females are adept at handling stress, managing multiple responsibilities, and mediating workplace or client conflicts. 

    However, many women are bound to quit their jobs or facing multiple challenges in an organisation hindering their professional growth. Two prominent reasons are a lack of work-life balance and increased burnout specially during pregnancy and post pregnancy phase. Their health and wellness needs have taken a backseat, affecting them during their working years. 

    The challenges faced by pregnant and post pregnant working women at work are unique and following. 

    1. Physical Discomfort: Pregnant women find physical discomfort such as fatigue, nausea, back pain, and frequent urination, which usually impact their ability to focus and perform tasks better at work.

    2.Morning Sickness: For some pregnant women, morning sickness can be severe, leading to absents or decreased productivity.

    3.Limited Mobility: As pregnancy progresses, women may face limitations in mobility, making it difficult to move around the workplace or perform certain duties, especially in physically demanding jobs.

    4.Fatigue and Sleep issue: Balancing work responsibilities with the physical demands of pregnancy or caring for a newborn specially during lactating phase can lead to fatigue and sleep deprivation, impacting their overall performance.

    5.Work-Life Balance: Managing the demands of work and family responsibilities can be a big pain for working mothers, leading to increased stress and feelings of guilt or inadequacy.

    Let us explore the significance and need for such initiatives.

    Introducing health and wellness programs for working pregnant and post pregnant women aims to support them in managing present health conditions and becoming informed about potential future challenges. A significant portion of women in any organisation lies in the range from 24 to 40 years, a period where many may experience pregnancy and post-pregnancy phases. Introducing initiatives focused on health and wellness for this audience may assist them in addressing all possible issues they may encounter quickly and efficiently saving their chance of being absent from the work, ultimately enhancing the productivity of the organization. 

    Several studies have proved that wellness programs for corporate women if implemented can improve their mental & physical health which would ultimately improve their work-life balance. In a survey done by 2019 Cigna 360, 61% of working women feel the necessity of gender-specific corporate wellness programs. It also emphasise on below factors:

    79% of women feel more stressed in maintaining work-life balance compared to 66% men.

    10% of this highly-stressed category feels their stress is unmanageable.

    78% of women are not getting enough sleep compared to 65% of men.

    Corporate Wellness program should include health screenings, education on addressing major health concerns, personalized fitness activities such as yoga, lifestyle adjustments through tailored diet plans, wellness tips, and comprehensive 360-degree guidance on managing pregnancy and post-pregnancy issues. This may also consist of sensitising the company's management to create a supportive environment, one that prioritises women's well-being. The purpose is to enable females to thrive both in their offices and homes. 

    Benefits of Women's Health Programs For Employers 

    Employers may gain a lot by initiating female wellness programs, when women lead healthier and balanced life, it leads to many benefits. 

    1. Improved Employee Well-being thereby improved productivity at work

    2. Reduced Absenteeism: Addressing women's health concerns proactively, it may help to prevent health issues from escalating, leading to lesser sick leaves taken by employee.

    3. Enhanced Employee Retention: Offering gender specific wellness programs represents a commitment to support the diverse needs of employees which leads to more loyalty and job satisfaction leading to higher retention rate.

    4. Increased Productivity: When employees have enough access to educational resources and support to manage their health & wellness, they are feel much better to stay focused and engaged at work. 

    5. Attracting Top Talent: Now a days with such a competitive job market, employers that offer comprehensive benefits packages, have a more competitive edge in attracting top talent.

    6. Legal Compliance and Ethical Responsibility: Providing gender specific women's health & wellness programs may also align with legal requirements and ethical responsibilities set by the govt.

    How Momkidcare Can Help You Enhance the Lives of Your Female Workforce?

    Promoting women's health is an investment for a better future for any organisation. At Momkidcare, we believe that healthier and happier women are the foundation of a successful organisation. Choosing the right women health and wellness partner also become very crucial. In order to ensure whether the choosen partner have that capacity to serve the quality servies to their employee is not something every company can do. Momkidcare here plays the vital role because we have that capacity to meet the any organisation demand qualitatively and quantitatively, We have successfully handpicked more than 300+ healthcare professionals with us in order to provide quality services to any corporate clients. Our comprehensive wellness consulting services includes Pregnancy & post pregnancy care or women with any stage of life.

    Promoting women's employee health is not just an expense—it's an investment in the future for any organization. At Momkidcare, we believe that healthier and happier women are the foundation of a successful organisation. Selecting the right partner to serve your women employees via this initiatives is paramount, as not every company can ensure the delivery of high-quality services. Momkidcare stands out in this regard; we have that capability to meet the qualitative and quantitative health & wellness demands of any organization. With a network of over 1000 service professionals, we guarantee top-notch services, tailored to the unique needs of corporate clients. Our comprehensive wellness services cover every stage of a woman's life, from pregnancy and post-pregnancy care to ongoing support throughout various life phases.

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