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    Baby Spitting up Curdled Milk: Should I Be Concerned?

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    Do you know why babies spit up? Clearly, because they are just being babies! Spitting up after drinking the milk is completely normal and harmless for most of the infants. What they generally do is to gulp milk and air, and when their stomach contracts, the stomach shoots milk back up. Spitting could be sometimes more than just a laundry problem and could reflect a medical problem. This could be pyloric stenosis, formula allergy, or gastroesophageal reflux. Spitting up of milk or vomiting if occurs too frequent, this is the sign that you should consult the doctor. Consult the pediatrician, if he is satisfied with your child's growth and weight gain, there is nothing to worry as spitting up is very common in infants.

    Talking more about gastroesophageal reflux, it can be the result of an immature digestive system or the poor closure of the valve. The spitting could mostly occur during or after a meal. However, if the baby is not showing any significant discomfort and is gaining appropriate weight, it is a sign that your baby is a healthy and normal infant.

    When Not to Worry?

    • Baby does not have abdominal pain
    • Baby is gaining weight appropriately
    • The spitting up is less in frequency and volume
    • Baby is acting well
    • The spit-up doesn’t always shoot out a couple of feet

    When to Call the Doctor?

    If your infant is spitting up milk with a burp and even if it occurs after every feeding, it is not usually a problem. But, vomiting is different and your baby is vomiting repeatedly or for longer than 24 hours. It could be a sign of illness or infection.

    Some of the signs that you should call your baby's doctor:

    • The baby is showing signs of dehydration
    • Baby is spitting up too much or too often
    • The baby appears to be in pain
    • The baby is losing weight

    If you see anything unusual with the baby's health condition, it is suggested to consult your doctor.

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