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    You Make One Great Mommy", They Say

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    Parenting is not something that can be learnt overnight or can be taught. It is a journey which lasts as long as we are one.

    Kids come with their own plans, so no other plans work. I was scared about the fact that my body would give life to another human being. My life had changed completely and I had no idea what would happen next. Being in another country away from family, handling all things single handedly, I did not want to take the risk of travelling & taking stress, so I left my job.

    It all went smooth. Thankfully, I faced no usual symptoms of pregnancy like vomits, body pains or giddiness. In fact I ate all that I liked, despite being warned by my gynaecologist. I had travelled a lot, truly, a lot. And soon, we had our first baby in our lives.

    We could handle all things easily. Nature gives all the strength & capability to a human being, relating to the situation they are in. Parenting simply happened to us. Of course we were guided by our elders & experienced people around, but there is this special quality in us that came naturally.

    Well, until 8 to 9 months, it is usually a cakewalk. Our actual parenting skills are tested once they enter toddlerhood. No two kids are the same. While handling one made me a mother, handling two made me a referee, and this is a full time job.

    I have never tried to be a perfect parent, but to be a real one. Whether at home or no, I am the same 'khadus mommy' to them. Yes, I am strict and give them deadlines and rules to follow, right from when they start understanding things & language. At the same time, I am their best friend. Parenting 3 lil creatures keeps me on my toes all day. I am one super-tired full time mommy, trying to make little time for self -pampering.

    My eldest is only 3 years old & is super-active, super-cute, and touchwood, they understand things unbelievably well. They love each other & everyone else and obey their elders and are very well behaved. Also, they eat all that they are given.

    Basically, kids learn from parents and the people they are surrounded by. We must make sure to become good humans ourselves if we want them to be one. So it is not that I am one great parent. These kids have made us all responsible and good humans.

    And yes, for those who ask, " Are you not working? Just staying at home? " Yes, my kids are my priority and I choose to be at home for them. Please don't say I don't work. I have been told to start working and let someone take care of the kids. But my heart doesn't allow me to do this. They deserve my love, my time & attention. Most importantly, I love being with them all day without getting bored. I will give them the best of all that I can.

    And I believe I need a lot more to learn and improve on parenting since I am definitely not happy with my way at least for now. It's truly said "If you want to be in your children's memories tomorrow, you must be in their lives today."

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