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    Physical Punishment: Making Children Worse!

    We, parents, think that punishment is the only way to deal with challenging behavior in children. Physical punishment is one of the major problems that are making things worse than they are. However, physical punishment doesn't work by itself. When you decide to use the punishment strategy, it should be best combined with more positive aspects. Physical punishment can only cause the child to experience bodily pain or discomfort. Indeed, parents desperately want to correct the child behavior, but pinching, paddling, spanking, hitting, whipping and slapping doesn't work. 

    Undoubtedly, physical punishment remains widely used discipline technique, but is it bringing any good to the children? No! Parents should stop punishing their children physically. The relationship of parents and children is pure and one ruins it by harming the children, because you are not only doing it physically but mentally too. Parents think it will have children a sense of limit fear so that they won't do things that are unacceptable.  Parents should understand the fact that children who are spanked frequently or severely are at higher risk for mental health problems. Physically punishing the children can cause anxiety and depression, which will later turn them to use alcohol and drug. Moreover, it will develop more distant parent-child relationship. Children who are punished physically tend to be aggressive, both as a child and as an adult. It is a huge misconception that parents think punishing their children can put an immediate stop to bad behavior. It surely doesn't work this way. 


    Children are innocent and should be treated with care. Adopt some of the healthy discipline methods such as a praising good behavior and being a role model for encouraging it. Also, set limits and expectations for children and redirect your child away from the bad behavior. 

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