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    Wondering how to Boost Brain Power in Infants? Here Are the Ways!

    Did you know, at birth, a baby's brain comprises more than 100 billion neurons. Yes, that's true. However, here is a fact, the rule goes with brain wiring is either to use it or lose it. Amazingly, you will be surprised to know that an infant's brain more neural connections than an adult. So, when you start giving love and other language-enriched experiences to your infant, you are giving his brain more opportunities to explore. The experiences that you give to your baby in these early years help lay the brain’s foundation. So, as parents, it is your duty to help children and increase their smartness without stressing them out. There are several ways to do it such as toys, apps, and learning techniques. Don't get confused in deciding what might work best for advancing your child’s brain development, we will help you out. Read it!

    1. Respond consistently and lovingly: Responding consistently to your child’s needs means you’re showing them your love. This is the perfect way to give their brains a solid foundation to grow. Some of the early experiences like picking up a crying baby, giving them comfort and sleeping with them help wire the brain.
    2. Practice Mental Gymnastics: Playing strategy games stimulate the mind of an infant. It helps them to build concentration, problem-solving skills, reasoning, and patience.
    3. The Sound of Music: Music enhances your children’s brains and you can incorporate musical activity in a variety of ways. Expose young ears to many sounds like classic rock and roll, jazzy tunes and classical pieces. Music is a way of life and stimulates different areas of the brain.
    4. Add supplements in diet: Supplements can offer real benefits to brain health. Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Spirulina, Folate and Vitamin D are some of the beneficial supplements for infants.

    Above mentioned are some of the techniques to boost the brain health of your child. If you are still struggling with the development of child's brain, consult a doctor.

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