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    What Are the Duties and Responsibilities of a Nanny at Home?

    Handling the baby all alone could be a laborious task for a mother. And this becomes a challenge to bring up the child sincerely if both the parents are working or occupied with their professions.

    A nanny is highly recommended if you reside in a nuclear family and cannot breach your busy schedule to look after your baby all the time.

    A nanny will look after the needs of a baby and provide childcare services so that the parents can concentrate on several other responsibilities. The list of duties she performs is not limited to the points mentioned below:

    ∙      Gives shower to the baby

    ∙      Meal planning, preparing, and feeding the child

    ∙      Plan and organize play and educational activities for your child

    ∙      Play along with your baby

    ∙      Focus on toilet training at the right age

    ∙      Change the diapers

    ∙      Ensures proper hygiene

    ∙      Organize the baby’s closet and play area

    ∙      Help with homework, if required

    ∙      Taking care of your baby during sick conditions

    ∙      Arrangement of picnic and outing with the consent of the parents


    The responsibilities of a nanny must be childcare centered. As she is the sole authority to take care of the baby if the parents are busy with their work. She has the power to take an urgent decision that favors the child in all aspects.

    Let’s make you aware of certain responsibilities a nanny needs to perform while taking care of your baby:

    ∙      She needs to create a safe and secure environment for the child

    ∙      The customs and traditions of your family should not be hampered

    ∙      She should treat your baby as her child

    ∙      Should be capable of disciplining your child as per your parenting style

    ∙      Kind, sweet and handle the baby with all love and care

    ∙      Consider the child’s interest before planning anything

    ∙      Focussed and responsible for her job

    The bottom line

    A nanny is accountable to perform various jobs to take care of your baby. She brings up the child according to the traditional knowledge and experience. Hiring a nanny can smoothen the life of parents having nuclear families. 

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