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    5 Benefits of Yoga While Conceiving

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    These days, women opt for pregnancy and experience motherhood at a later stage to pursue their education or career development. However, this delay may lead to complications in conceiving and even infertility. Several factors are known to be associated with infertility, including stress and reduced reproductive function. Special exercise forms and yoga for conceiving is known to help boost reproductive function and even reduce stress. Adopting yoga in your lifestyle can help increase your chances of conception.


    While you may feel a little doubtful, the right amount of physical exercise will only promote good health. Exercising regularly can help boost reproductive function, especially if you are trying to conceive. Also, staying physically active through any form of exercise while trying to get pregnant is associated with numerous benefits, including a healthy heart, improved metabolism, better blood circulation, reduced physical tension, and mental stress. However, make sure to consult a health professional on which exercises to perform or get a personalized plan that includes exercise and yoga for conceiving.


    Benefits of Yoga When Planning to Conceive


    1. Weight Management - Yoga helps keep a check on your weight, especially if you are trying to conceive. Try adopting yoga for conceiving and managing your fertility issues. Research suggests that being obese, overweight and underweight can have a far-reaching impact on your fertility.
    2. Acts as a Stress Buster - Yoga can help reduce stress and other related disorders like anxiety and depression that often are associated with infertility. A study suggests that people dealing with infertility also experience stress and stress-related disorders. Mindfulness meditation, yoga for conceiving, and deep breathing exercises can help reduce stress, and several studies support this.
    3. Hormonal Balance - Regular yoga practice is a great way to promote a balanced flow of hormones in both women and men, including endocrine function, sexual desire and reproductive function.
    4. Improved Blood Circulation – Regular yoga practice can help promote blood circulation to the reproductive organs supplying the pelvic region and the reproductive parts with essential nutrients.
    5. Creates a Positive Body Awareness- Yoga is a form of self-care, creates an environment of positivity, emotional and physical strength required to affirm your faith in treatments. Yoga for conceiving not only calms your mind, and boosts reproductive function but also supports you in your journey to motherhood.


    Yoga to boost fertility and yoga for conceiving is a safe bet even if you have just jumped on the exercise bandwagon. However, the key is to slowly and steadily and start with Hatha yoga. Focus on breathing, and alignment, rather than gathering pace. Avoid vigorous yoga poses when trying to conceive. Beyond simple poses, you may want to consult a fertility yoga expert at Momkidcare.


    8 Postures in Yoga for Conceiving


    Lets us take at some of the poses that are helpful when looking to include yoga for conceiving and boosting reproductive function :

    1. Suryanamaskar for overall health
    2. Bhramari Pranayama to reduce stress and anxiety-related issues
    3. Paschimottasana to widen the pelvic region and hips and revitalise the reproductive function.
    4. Hastapadasana to reduce stress
    5. Janu Shirasana to widen the hips and lower back. This asana will not only help conceive but also helps a healthy pregnancy
    6. Balasana and Setubandhasanaa to improve blood circulation and better hormonal flow.
    7. Halasana to boost reproductive function
    8. Shoulder stand to improve thyroid function and blood flow.



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