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    Fertility Yoga: A Boost to Your Fertility

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    Yoga-inspired exercises are a great idea for those looking forward to planning to get pregnant. Yoga is an excellent way to calm your mind, body and soul in a very wholesome way. Not only yoga will help increase your chances of conception but also help smoothen your entire pregnancy journey and delivery. Certain yoga poses are believed to boost fertility. These exercises must be taken under the supervision of an expert in fertility yoga classes.


    Fertility yoga helps reduce stress, improve overall blood circulation, increase flexibility, and thereby strengthen chances of conception. The key to boosting fertility is stress reduction which is a hallmark result of practicing fertility yoga. Fertility yoga also prepares your body by following a holistic approach to strengthen your physical, mental and emotional status.


    Practicing yoga under an expert in fertility yoga classes can have a huge impact on your fertility such as:

    ●    Stress reduction

    ●    Improved blood circulation

    ●    Keeping hormone levels in check

    ●    Increases flexibility

    ●    Eases stress and anxiety

    ●    Boosts sperm production

    Yoga Asanas to Boost Fertility

    ●    Bhujangasana or the Cobra Pose- This pose is instrumental in increasing flexibility, helps tone the abdomen, and strengthens the back and shoulders. This pose also helps improve blood circulation.

    ●    Setubandhasana or the Bridge Pose- Lying down raising the hips and legs in the form of a bridge, this asana promotes blood circulation and is best yoga for conceiving.

    ●    Vipraitkarni- This pose is known to promote blood circulation in the pelvic region. When practiced after intercourse, it helps increase chances of conception.

    ●    Uttanasana-This inverted posture helps increase blood flow to the pelvic area, adds flexibility to the spine and helps relax the abdominal muscles.

    ●    Sarvangasa or The Shoulder Stand- An amazingly effective pose that helps improve metabolism by stimulating thyroid and in turn also boosting fertility. This asana targets the thyroid directly and is another effective yoga pose for conceiving.

    ●    Balasana or Child’s Pose- It helps strengthen and stretch the muscles of abdomen, thighs, knees, hips and back. It also helps boost flexibility.


    The key is to start slowly and then progress trying to stay comfortable while also focusing on your breathing movements. Anything beyond that, consult your health professional for a review.


    Note: Please keep in mind that yoga is not a treatment method per se but an alternative intervention to help boost chances of conception. Practice yoga, with a healthy diet, lifestyle and proper consultation from a certified health professional to increase your chances of conception.

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