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    How to Combat Stress with Good Nutrition While Working

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    While watching DC’s Diana Prince a.k.a. Wonder Woman, the Amazonian Godly woman who works as an agent, curator, nurse and our beloved superhero, we are amused. Multitasking seems like a child’s play for her. But hey, we are not blessed with super human powers like her (sobbing in a corner, eh?) So sorry ladies, you can’t be her but you are no less either.

    Drawing an analogy of this in modern times, women today not just look after their home and kids but also hold top-notch positions at their workplace. We are role-models. Ha!

    But being that modern role-model has its own woes. The new evil that plagues us is stress (it is dangerous than Thanos, trust me) I mean yeah, when spelt backwards, STRESSED IS DESSERTS but it isn’t sweet. 

    Stress can make you age faster, give sleep disturbances, build unhealthy eating habits, add to anxiety, increase the risk of stroke and heart issues. So what to do? How to fight it? Bubble wrap or stress balls? No. You fight it internally by adopting good nutritional habits. 

    Unhealthy food habits like binging on coffee, all sugary and fried foods add to anxiety unknowingly. According to a nutrition website, fat cells grow faster in response to junk food when the body is chronically stressed. Stress negatively affects blood flow and blood pressure

    Stress can be dealt with if we add nutritive value to our lives. Scientifically, Omega-3s, vitamin E, polyphenols found in red wine, dark chocolate, almonds, avocados, spinach etc. are proven to be nutrients that improve blood flow. Also, carotenoids found in green leafy vegetables work similarly like polyphenols. As per various nutritional experts, gut microbiome is said to diminish stress by consuming high fiber foods like salads, vegetables, cereals and yoghurt. Eating small amounts of these while working can do magic.

    Even Wonder Woman was told, “You are stronger than you believe. You have greater power than you know”

     Carpe diem, ladies!  

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