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    Trying to Concieve? Determine Your Most Fertile Days.

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    While trying to get pregnant, people think about sex, sex and a lot of sex. But, how many of you know, it takes the right time to conceive? When you are trying to get pregnant, the timing of you and your partner having sex is important. All you need to understand is that getting pregnant is all about timing. Believe it or not, making babies is a complex mechanism and requires the right conditions for egg and sperm to meet. Pregnancy can only occur during the ‘fertile window’ which is determined by your menstrual cycle. The chances of your conceiving increase by having sex two days before ovulation or on the day of ovulation. Ovulation is the process when the egg is released from the ovary and after that, it survives for 12-24 hours.

    Fertile Window

    To get your timing right, you must first know your most fertile days. There is a 28-day menstrual cycle in most women, which means there is a chance for about five to six days each month to get pregnant. The key to getting pregnant is having sex within the fertile window. Now, you might be wondering how to determine your fertile days? Well, there are various ovulation tools to help a woman determine her fertile days. Else, there is a charting method to understand your body better. We all know that our cycles vary from month-to-month, so charting can be helpful.

    How to determine ovulation?

    There are several methods to know that you are ovulating. Some of them are mentioned below:

    1. Check your cervical mucus: Before and during ovulation, cervical mucus change in the amount, color, and texture. So, it is helpful for you to determine if you are ovulating.
    2. Basal body temperature: The average body temperature in the morning before ovulation is about 97-97.5 degree Fahrenheit, and after the ovulation, it increases to about 97.6-98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use a basal thermometer to keep a check on temperature in your mouth.
    3. Ovulation tests: One of the better ways nowadays to take the ovulation test that detects the concentration and presence of the luteinizing hormone (LH) in your urine. You can take the test and know when you are ovulating.
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