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    Healthy Tips to Know Before You Consider Getting Married

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    So, you are going to be a bride-to-be. It is every girl's dream to look like a princess on her D-day. And, why not she is the star for that day. An elegant wedding dress is not only enough for a jaw-dropping look. With all the hustle bustle, getting in shape and staying healthy is on every bride's to-do list. But, in all this, we forget to take care of our health. Who doesn't want to flaunt a hot body with glowing skin and glossy hair? Everyone! But, that's not enough. You should take care of your health to avoid strain in marriage later on. Well, that's not something comes handy. Staying mentally and physically healthy should be on the top of your wedding planning checklist. Feeling a bit scared after reading this? Worry not! Well, we come to your rescue. Below mentioned are a few tips to follow to have a stress-free married life.

    1. HIV and other STD tests: Some of the conditions like HIV, hepatitis B and C last lifelong. And honestly, they can create stress in marriage, if not handled properly. Many other STDs like bacterial vaginosis gonorrhea, syphilis, and warts are easy to treat with the medicines and by taking care you can reduce the risk of infertility and miscarriages.
    2. Blood disorder tests: Haemophilia is blood-borne disease that should be checked and treated. Apart from that, a Rh compatibility test should be done so that children are not fatal. This could be a simple test, but an important one.
    3. Beta Thalassemia Screening: Thalessamia trait should be tested before as there is strong possibility that if both the partners are suffering from it, their baby may also have this disease. This disease needs several blood transfusions every month. Having prior information on it can make you take remedial measures.
    4. Menstrual cycle: For a bride-to-be, it is essential to keep the menstrual cycle regular for a happy wedding and of course a wonderful honeymoon. Irregular menstrual cycle, as we all know, is a matter of worry these days. Also, you may not like your period to start on your wedding day. Right? Keep tracking your ovulation day 

    These are some of the tips that can be followed by a bride-to-be for a happy marriage life.

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